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Mallorca Airport doesn’t have a train station, but there are two frequent bus services, several taxi companies operating out of the airport and a large number of car rental companies like Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Auriga Crown or Centauro which offer car hire. In central Palma there are metro trains linking the capital with resorts across the island.

The two bus services, Line 1 and Route 21, run from just outside the check-in and arrivals areas of the terminals, namely opposite the car parking area. Taxi stands are also situated within a very short walk outside the arrivals area on the ground floor level. Palma is just an 8 kilometres / 5 miles distance from the airport, and by bus, car hire or taxi the trip takes only a few minutes.

If you wish to travel by taxi from Palma or your resort, you can make a booking in advance by telephone or you go to your nearest the taxi rank. Official Mallorca Airport taxis are operators like Radiotaxi (tel +34 971 755440), Palma Taxi (tel +34 971 401 414) and Fono Taxi (+34 971 728 081) to name but a few. Disabled passengers looking for taxis to take them to the airport or other destinations on the island can telephone a special line at +34 971 703 529.

Before leaving your hotel on your taxi journey to the airport, you should ask the driver for the approximate cost to avoid nasty surprises at the end of your journey. If in doubt how much a journey should cost, ask at your hotel reception for a reputable taxi service that they use often for their guests.

Bus Route 21 covers the main hotels between the airport and Palma as well as destinations in the capital. Bus Line 21 covers mainly the stops that connect the airport with the main destinations in Palma, like the train station, the port and some other points of interest like museums or main shopping districts.

The area around the airport can get very busy during rush hour, from 7.30am to 9.30 am and from 16.30pm to around 19.30pm, particularly during the summer months, so these peak times should be avoided.

There are also some nine train stations on the island connecting Palma via metro train services with several towns and resorts. If you are driving from any of the resorts or towns on the island, the roads of most importance to you will probably be the PM-30, C-717, the Cami de Can Capo, the Autovia de Levante and the Carretera de Manacor.

If you hired a car at the airport, it is advisable to ask the car hire service team, where exactly you need to drop off your vehicle, so as to avoid additional charges because you returned the car too late. The car rental desks are in the arrivals area of the airport as well as on the ground floor of the main car parking area.

Parking spaces are available for long and short-term parking. There are even Express parking spaces for quick unloading of luggage and passengers. VIP parking services mean you hand over your vehicle to a pre-booked service and a member of the airport parking service team will park your vehicle for you in a designated area.

Getting to Mallorca Airport from Porto Cristo

If you are staying in the east of Mallorca island, head for Manacor in a westerly direction and from there take the 715 to get to the airport.

Getting to Mallorca Airport from Puerto de Alcudia

Visitors staying in the northern part of the island should head for the 717 and take a southerly direction towards the airport. Palma de Mallorca Airport is well signposted, you should have no difficulties reaching it.

Getting to Mallorca Airport from Cabo de la Mola

Visitors staying in western parts of the island are best served by travelling north towards Andratx and from southwards on the 719 until they reach Peguera. From there the 719 will take them in a north-easterly direction towards Mallorca Airport, simply follow the signposting.

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