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Mallorca Carnival off to a lively Start

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Mallorca Carnival off to a lively Start
Mar 31, 2015
Despite snow and ice Mallorca's annual carnival processions are off to a colourful start. The first parades began last Sunday, bringing much needed cheer to visitors who were rather taken by surprise when snow hit the Balearic Island. Who'd have thought that car rental from Mallorca Airport should have included snow chains?

In the municipality of Marratxi more than 25 groups took part in the procession that passed the Town Hall of Pòrtol - each group was dedicated to a particular theme. Around 1,000 people in colourful and imaginative costumes took part. Located to the north of Palma, the village is traditionally the first to begin with carnival parades.

Naturally, there is a prize giving at the end of the show - Pòrtol's mayor Tomeu Oliver was delighted to hand 600 euros prize money to the best costumed group titled "Alice in Wonderland". In second place, the group with the theme "the Sea of Marratxi" won 450 euros prize money.

Their maritime themed costumes included a variety of sea creatures, while the group winning the third prize (300 euros) opted for "Birds of Paradise" as their theme. Another group, dressed as bearded and pig-tailed Vikings, managed to pick up a special prize of 300 euros for their imaginative costumes.

Other costumed groups included pilots in early 1900s aeroplanes, knights in shining armour, natural history explorers, a flock of dragonflies and a motley crew of giants. Pòrtol's own village band provided the background music.

Holidaymakers touring the east of Mallorca with their rental car might well have across the noisy and colourful processions in Cas Concos, where a multitude of floats and costumed participants managed to bring the colours of spring and summer to the streets.

Visitors came mostly from the neighbouring municipalities of Felanitx and Santanyi, lining the streets of Cas Concos to cheer the processions. It's far easier to reach Cas Concos with a hire car from Mallorca Airport than by public transit, a 32-mile journey that would take at least twice as long by bus.

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